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The team at Sonic Boomsprays believes that the AirMatic AirJet nozzle control system developed by Sonic Boomsprays and in conjunction with TeeJet would have to rate as one of the ultimate spray drift control and droplet size control systems that are available.

 By reading this editorial we hope you as a farmer will get a better understanding of what this system can do for your enterprise.While air injection systems are not new, never before has it been possible to regulate the air pressure relative to the water pressure.

Other systems have a fixed air pressure that is manually adjusted. As a result a uniform droplet size cannot be maintained as the operator changes speed or water rate L per ha.

 This is where the Air Matic system is far more advanced. It regulates the flow of air pressure to the AirJet nozzles by sensing the water pressure & adjusting itself accordingly.

The operator has a choice of 6 industry standard droplet sizes to choose from to suit the job on the day. From very fine through to a flood jet, regardless of the spray rate L/ha chosen & the speed traveled the AirMatic system will adjust itself to keep the droplet size chosen.

 If it can’t achieve this the alarm will tell the operator to speed up or slow down. The rev’s of the compressor are also monitored & the alarm will be activated if the rpm drops below recommended levels.

An anemometer to measure wind speed is an optional extra, this will measure wind velocity & recommend a droplet size to use. Couple this with the data logging capacity of most spray controllers today & you have the ideal tool for QA farming.

The regulation of spraying chemicals in agriculture is going to get harder & harder this is where the AirMatic system will shine.There are so many advantages for the operator using the AirMatic system over a conventional system that it is hard to list them all but below is a list of the major advantages. 

·        Ability to use a droplet size to suit the chemical used & weather conditions on the day knowing that it will be held constant regardless of speed.

·        As some of the carrier is replaced with air the operator can use spray volumes at the lower end of label requirements.

·        One nozzle able to be used for all water rates & chemical types e.g. (fungicides at high pressures & herbicides at low pressures).

·        Flood jet nozzle is able to be used as a liquid fertilizer spreader without the air going to act like a stream jet, reducing leaf scold.

·        Droplet size able to be changed on the run to suit different paddock conditions.

·        The air assisted droplet gives better crop/stubble penetration. ·        Better target leaf coverage is achieved the air flow rustles leaves giving under leaf coverage.

·        Larger air incorporated droplets resist drift in windy conditions allowing operator to spray a longer day.

·        Far more versatile machine for upcoming regulations on when, how & what chemical you can spray.

·        Far more  efficient use of  chemicals saving you  Money