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Sonic Boom Sprays

Sonic Boomsprays is a Western Australian family owned and operated company, with it's aim to produce premium quality spraying equipment for the broad acre spraying industry.With it's factory located at Narembeen which is in the heart of the wheat belt of W.A. ,Sonic  is always in touch with ever changing technology and  best farming practices


Dearler enquiry welcome for  VIC  NSW & QLD

Sonic Predator 300 7036SP
  •  223kw Cummins 8.3ltr
  •  7000ltr Main tank
  •  Allison Automatic 4 speed
  •  500ltr Flushing Capacity
  •  4 x 4  Mechanical Drive 
  •  30ltr Hand Wash
  •  380 x 90 R46 Tyres(opt)
  •  36.5m Boom Width
  •  650 x 65 R38 Tyres
  •  Sonic 2708 Smart Box
  • Marmon Herrington transfer case
  •  500ltr Fuel Tank
  •  Alltech axles 11,000kg each
  •  Wing Tilt
  •  9305C HM3 2" Hypro Pump
  •  Topcon X20 (optional)
  •  WRS Boom System
  •  Net Wieght 8500kg
  •    70 kmh Transport
  •  GrossWieght 20,500kg